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The Latest Change Management Plan!

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The Latest Change Management Plan!


We just finished an extensive Toward Zero Catalyst engagement with a large manufacturing facility and delivered to them a change management plan. I'm excited about the improvements we can together realize, and we expect to release a case study highlighting the detailed results in the next few weeks.

The change management plan identified twelve key opportunities for the plant to:

  • Improve operational efficiency and cost of goods manufactured
  • Reduce total manufacturing cost
  • Address continuous quality improvement by closing quality and regulatory compliance gaps in their process
  • Enable change management by boosting morale and engagement with the plant operations team
  • Significantly reduce losses in the supply chain

The change management plan detailed a prioritized action plan for them to implement and realize results within 3-6 months with over $1.5M in cost savings. This was completed in less than 3 weeks and required minimal time from the operations team.

Our Toward Zero Catalyst focuses on process, technology and culture to drive significant cost performance results for our clients. I welcome the opportunity to discuss how we can help you and your team achieve similar results.

Steve Smith

Written by Steve Smith

Most executives realize the value of efficient, consistent, and scalable business processes, but struggle when it comes to actually achieving that.

As a Business Process Optimization and Change Management executive, this is where I have excelled in a career that has spanned both corporate leadership and consulting roles within multiple industries, including food and beverage, and pharmaceutical industries.

The initiatives I lead help to eliminate bottlenecks, cut out inefficiencies, minimize unproductive activities, simplify complexity, and improve the use of technology. More importantly, I help to build support across organizations to ensure that employees actually “buy into” the changes and that the changes “stick.” The end results I create drive significant and sustainable increases in operational efficiencies and productivity, along with virtually all other key performance metrics.

With more than 15 years of corporate-wide leadership experience with global responsibility, I have managed up to 20 direct reports in systematically redesigning and optimizing business processes, driving continuous improvement, and leading change initiatives that:

* Lower costs
* Simplify systems
* Solve safety issues
* Enhance quality
* Improve productivity
* Increase efficiency
* Streamline business operations
* Strengthen customer relations

I am especially skilled at building buy-in and support for process improvement and change initiatives, even among initially change-resistant leadership teams and organizations. I am also known for creating a team atmosphere in which all stakeholders are engaged, involved, and invested in the changes and improvements.

* Six Sigma Green Belt
* Lean Master Certification
* MS and BS in Industrial Engineering

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