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The Latest Change Management Plan!

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The Latest Change Management Plan!


We just finished an extensive Toward Zero Catalyst engagement with a large manufacturing facility and delivered to them a change management plan. I'm excited about the improvements we can together realize, and we expect to release a case study highlighting the detailed results in the next few weeks.

The change management plan identified twelve key opportunities for the plant to:

  • Improve operational efficiency and cost of goods manufactured
  • Reduce total manufacturing cost
  • Address continuous quality improvement by closing quality and regulatory compliance gaps in their process
  • Enable change management by boosting morale and engagement with the plant operations team
  • Significantly reduce losses in the supply chain

The change management plan detailed a prioritized action plan for them to implement and realize results within 3-6 months with over $1.5M in cost savings. This was completed in less than 3 weeks and required minimal time from the operations team.

Our Toward Zero Catalyst focuses on process, technology and culture to drive significant cost performance results for our clients. I welcome the opportunity to discuss how we can help you and your team achieve similar results.